The First Secure & Shared Monero Wallet

Receive, spend and store your Monero with an open-source multisignature wallet

Simple, Secure & Shared

Exantech offers a unique Monero wallet which allows you to manage funds and keep your transactions data protected from any third party services.

In Exa Wallet, with support for the Monero multisignature feature, each transaction proposal is subject to approval by the group of its multiple users.

Create a fully functional shared wallet that doesn’t require exchanging complex keys and signatures. With Exa wallet you can set up and manage mutual funds, or just use it as a joint checking account, or as an escrow service.

True Confidential Transactions

Receive, transfer or spend your money safe in the knowledge that no one will ever know the details of your transactions.

Exa Wallet supports the full set of Monero confidential transaction features. Thanks to RingCT technology, only recipients can see the amount of money you transfer to them.

Open-Source Solution

Exa Wallet applications, as well as its backend service,
are all open-source.

Users who need more control over their data and funds can
deploy their own instance of server and even build their own copy of applications.

Our developers are constantly contributing to Monero Core in order to build and enhance the Exa Wallet infrastructure. Just like the Monero code itself, each part of Exa Wallet is available to the community for review and further development.

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